What is DevOps? Understanding DevOps

What is DevOps? Understanding DevOps

It is difficult to talk about development without hearing the term DevOps, which encompasses the management of software construction and deployment. Taking care of all the processes that occur in the background, bug reports, bugs, new features etc.

This approach starts by automating the construction process through pipelines, optimizing them for fast and light deployment in order to release the burden on the development team. Giving the confidence to perform updates more often without the need to wait for the completion of cycles for the correction of minor bugs.

The develop phase includes all aspects of coding—writing, testing, reviewing, and the integration of code.

Through Pipelines we promote three vital factors for any type of software in the market, safety, stability and quality through constant testing that provides feedback in case of error.

DevOps provides added value to companies that choose to develop in-house rather than access third-party software. So, the speed with which the company can add functionality tested and verified is not limited by the staff in charge.

Beyond establishing a DevOps culture, teams bring DevOps to life by implementing certain practices throughout the application lifecycle.

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